Monthly Oxford Town Hall Freestyles 

Wednesday 22 August 2018 

Beautiful historic venue with great dance floor in central Oxford. 


The Past meets the present and steps into the future. 


Mainstream pumping tracks plus an added zest of fresh songs and chic tracks intended to respond to the eclectic taste of our accomplished set of dancers. 


7.30-10.30pm Freestyle: wide range of music including uptempo and downtempo tunes from a variety of genres - a mix of classics, current and new tunes offering something different for our dynamic and very capable evolving dance community. 

7.30-8.05pm Roy’s Advanced class: for confident intermediates in a separate room for limited numbers. Aspirational aim to push and improve our dancers. 


£10 or Early Birds £9 before 8pm


Future 2018 dates: 23 May; 20 June; 25 July; 22 August; 26 September; 24 October; 28 November; 19 December (Xmas Party)