Didcot EVOLVE Freestyle

Inclusive music for all levels in line with a commitment to create an upbeat party atmosphere equipped with an arsenal of popular tunes. Dive into a mix of rousing uplifting pre-Midnight tunes and then transition into post midnight down-tempo.

2018 Dates: 10 Feb; 24 March; 21 April; 26 May; 23 June; 21 July; 22 Sept; 20 Oct; 24 Nov And 15 Dec. 



Wantage C’EST SOIR Freestyle

Not aimed at beginners but, intended to inspire confident intermediate dancers. A range of unplugged funky, mellow, acoustic and smooth tracks set to inspire and stretch your love of musicality.

2018 Dates: 13 Jan; 24 Feb; 16 March (Fri); 28 April; 19 May; 30 June; 28 July more dates to follow.



Oxford CHIC Freestyle

The Past meets the present and steps into the future.  Mainstream pumping tracks plus an added zest of fresh songs and chic tracks intended to respond to the eclectic taste of our accomplished set of dancers. Maybe you’ll hear it here first and dance with some cool dancers. 

2018 Dates: 10 Jan; 28 Feb; 28 Mar; 25 Apr; 23 May; 20 June; 25 July; 22 Aug; 26 Sept; 24 Oct; 28 Nov and 19 Dec.