No Better Feeling Than Learning To Dance In The Great Capital City Of London

Hi, Welcome to our very first blog posts of many, we hope. For 30 plus years, we have been connecting people to partner dancing that has seen us become the largest dance club in the globe with over a hundred dance classes across the whole world.

Our dance styles include a fusion of various dance forms, which include, but not limited to Hip Hop, Salsa, Musical Theatre, Ballroom & Latin American, Jive, and Tango.

The best way to meet people is to go to a Ceroc evening. This is where you can keep fit and have some fun while learning how to dance. An evening Ceroc dance class is the best and quickest way of learning partner dancing. Learn disciplines of dance, learn to choreograph, learn to Ballroom, learn to Street dance, learn to Salsa, or you can just learn how to dance in general.

If you to start a dance form, then there’s no better choice than at London. Whether you want to perfect your skill or think you have mismatched feet. Though in the shadow of renowned Royal Ballet and West End, we have rooted institutions of education that have flourished and produced active dance amateurs.

London’s majestic multiculturality provides an array of disciplines for one to choose from. A dancer in London will no doubt never be left without a dance class try out. Regardless of your skill level, our passionate teachers are eager to transmit their knowledge of the art, which will make you twirl around like a feather within no time.

You should really take advantage of the British capital’s abundant dance culture and unlock the next dance style enough to make a rain dance.

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