Hi There,

In order to join our Facebook community of dancers just copy following link to the Facebook page and join us at https://www.facebook.com/oxfordceroc

On our new Facebook page once you have ‘liked’ it, to find it again you just need to search for  ‘Ceroc Oxford’ in your Facebook search bar and it will appear in the drop down list. 


Facebook page FAQ’S

1. Why do events not automatically appear in my events page?

The new Facebook page system will not allow us to automatically invite everyone who has liked the page to an event. Instead, it relies on a community spirit where people share and invite their own friends to events. However, once you have clicked ‘attending’ or ‘maybe attending’ it should then appear in your events.

2. How do I find the page?

The quickest way of finding the page is to use the search bar at the top and to type in ‘Ceroc Oxford’ - the first result should always be the official Ceroc Oxford page. Alternatively, the link to the page is as follows:https://www.facebook.com/oxfordceroc

3. I’m not getting any Facebook updates, why is this?

The new Facebook page system works by publishing content onto your news feed. Therefore it may be that you did not notice the updates in your newsfeed. However, all updates can be found on the main page as well. Details on how to find the page can be found in the answer to question number two. We suggest checking the page frequently just to ensure you did not miss any information. Another potential reason why you may not be receiving our updates is by not remembering to ‘like’ the page, without which you will not receive the updates. 

4. I think my friend would like the event you are putting on, how can I share it with them?

In order to share the event, go into the event itself and then click on ‘invite’. This will produce a drop down list, in this list select either ‘choose friends’ to share it with specific people or select ‘share event’ to post it to your own personal page.

5. I still don’t understand the new system, what can I do?

We are more than happy to help with any individual queries or concerns. On the main Ceroc Oxford Facebook Page site is a ‘message’ button where you can email our administrators who would be more than happy to assist. 

Hope this helps. 


Happy  dancing - look out for our summer specials:  free classes, events and summer ball! 

Ceroc Oxford